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Annual Declaration Commercial Enterprise (ADCE)

Pursuant to the Law on Commercial Enterprises, the Law on Commercial Rules and Commercial Registration and Prakas No. 107, dated April 05, 2017, on the filing of ADCE through the online system, all registered companies with the Ministry of Commerce are obliged to file ADCE by themselves via the online system annually.

Date of filing

In order to avoid failure to fulfill the obligation, the Ministry of Commerce will notified to the Companies via the e-mail they had provided to the Ministry during the initial registration of the Companies.  This notification will be made 4 times for 4 months. The first is one month in advance of the company’s anniversary and once during the next three months.

Fees and penalties

The ministry service’s fee for filing an ADCE is 80,000 Riels (approx. 20$) and must be paid through ACLEDA Bank’s payment system. In case a company does not file the ADCE on time, the company will be fined 2,000,000 Riels (approx. 500$) per year.

The national domain name (

Pursuant to the Joint Prakas between the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication No. 0837, dated April 01, 2022, all registered companies with the Ministry of Commerce (except sole proprietorship or small taxpayer) must apply to use a national domain name level 2 from the Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia and must provide websites and email address with this domain name to the Ministry of Commerce when filing ADCE from January 01, 2023 onward

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