About Us

Company Profile

LBC is a business consulting firm officially founded in 2012 with the aim of offering the best services and business solutions possible to a myriad of industries in Cambodia. Offering our clients the best chance for success is the main purpose of our services and solutions; therefore, LBC is the perfect choice for those who are thinking of having a business and those who are already running a business in Cambodia.

LBC offers a wide range of services including business registration, accounting, tax, training, accounting system and such with the best possible level of consultancy. In other words, we are here to ensure that our clients have the most pleasant experience while running business in Cambodia. Over 10 years of operation, we are still standing strong and 90% client retention rate is an evidence to our commitment and our high-quality services, consultancy and solutions.

Our mission and values


Leopard Business Consultancy seeks to provide the highest level of professional legal, tax, accounting, and training services to meet clients’ needs through mutual financial success.


To be the most TRUSTED agency and best partner of business owners across Cambodia and in the region by providing innovative and practical services that contribute to clients’ success in an exceptional partnership environment.

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Srey Arunratha

Founder & CEO

Core Values

Integrity: To believe in being conscientious and operating with respect and honesty while consistently producing quality work.

Passion: To fuel intrinsic energy from within while holding standards high. The commitment to excellence impacts every aspect of our company.

Authenticity: To be genuine and sincere in all relationships both personal and professional while developing trust

Contribute: To collaborate with businesses and individuals to achieve their financial goals

Education: To invest in the concept of lifelong learning.