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Tax Manager Needed!

Exp: Dec 31, 2020


  • Facilitate and manage the preparation and review of company tax returns and the accurate, timely filing of all tax forms.

  • Ensure accurate, timely filing of consolidated income tax returns and other business-related filings.
  • Find and implement opportunities for process improvement in company tax procedures.

  • Manage members of the tax team as they prepare components of the company’s income tax return and other tax documents.
  • Plan for and develop overall return calendar and coordinate timing and inputs with tax team.

  • Maintain effective control procedures over all aspects of the tax process.

  • Monitor legislative and regulatory tax law developments, communicate the effects of these developments to management and the tax team and create strategies to capitalize on changes to taxation legislation.

  • Provide support with various internal audits and special tax-related projects.

  • Manage and mentor members of tax team to greater levels of effectiveness and engagement.


  • Extensive individual/corporate/partnership tax knowledge

  • Strong accounting, analytical, and research skills.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Strong knowledge of tax code, compliance, and procedures for corporations.
  • Strong experience with a variety of tax operations and ability to drive process improvements.

  • Strong ability to utilize project management and accounting best practices to organize and prioritize tasks and the tasks of other tax team members.

  • Ability to work well independently as well as the ability to work well with stakeholders and communicate the benefits of tax initiatives.

  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

  • 3+ years of experience as an assistant tax manager or tax manager or in a public accountant role and at least 2 years of experience in a management role.

  • ACCA candidates or graduates or those with master’s degree in an accounting discipline are encouraged to apply. The Tax Manager must be proficient with the following software/tools:
    • Strong skills and experience with Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks, Internet Email, Evat, E-filing, etc.


Tax Manager Needed


  • Salary

(1000$ - 2000$)

  • Gasoline

  • Phone Card
  • Others

  • Company shares 

Contact Information

  • Telephone: 089 888 633

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