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Business Registration

All enterprises wishing to do business in Cambodia have to register with the Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation, and Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training at least 15 days before starting their business to whatever form of entity they wish to establish through an online system called the Cambodia Data Exchange (CamDX) via In addition to this, if the business activity of a company is related to the relevant ministry, they are obliged to apply for another license or permit from that ministry separately. For example, to open a private school, it has to be registered with the above three ministries and applied for an educational license from the ministry of education, youth and sport.

Forms of entity

According to the Law on Commercial Enterprises of Cambodia, an investor who are seeking to run a business in Cambodia can form up their business to be one of the following forms:

1. Sole Proprietorship
2. Partnership
General partnership
Limited partnership
3. Limited liability company
Private limited liability company
Single-member private limited company
Public limited company
4. Foreign business entities
Representative office
Branch office

Required Documents

After choosing the form of the entity you want to set up, the next step is to prepare the documents for registration. In order to prepare the Article of Incorporation and some other relevant required documents, the following documents and information are needed:

1.Name of the enterprise
2.ID card or passport of owner or shareholders
3.Numbers of owners or shareholders
4.Photos of owner or shareholders
5.Capital to contribute in
6.Address of Enterprise
7.Rental contract (if rent address)
8.The number of staff you will hire and working days
9.Email and phone contact of owner or shareholders and enterprise etc.

Received Documents

After waiting for 15 working days of processing registration, a company will receive the following documents:

1.An article of incorporation certified by the Ministry of Commerce (MOC)
2.A company extract (MOC)
3.A certificate of incorporation (MOC)
4.A bank confirmation letter
5.A receipt payment fee to the ministries
6.A patent certificate (GDT)
7.A value-added tax (VAT) certificate (GDT)
8.A tax registration card (GDT)
9.A tax obligation and declaration notification (GDT)
10.A declaration of opening the enterprise (MLVT)
11.A license or permit from the relevant ministry (if any)

Changing Business Information

Some business information will be changed according to the preferences of the owner or shareholders of the company, or according to the requirement from the authorities or some other reasons. Those information are:

1.Change business location
2.Change business activities
3.Add business activities
4.Increase capital
5.Change the name of the company
6.Add branches
7.Transfer share

A company has to notify the tax authorities at most 15 days after changing this information; otherwise, it will be considered as tax obstruction which is the subject of any penalties.

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Business Registration

All enterprises wishing to do business in Cambodia have to register with the Ministry of Commerce

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is very important for a business because it gives the business owner the right to prevent others from using a similar mark