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Increase Capital Service

The reasons you have to increase the capital are:

  1. The first capital was used
  2. No more cash flow for using in your business
  3. To increase your business size
  4. More shareholders or investors want to invest with you, etc…

Many business owners in Cambodia often ignore the importance of increasing capital for their business. Please see some possible consequences when a company’s capital is running low:

1. You can’t pay your bill.

2. You might lose suppliers.

3. Late orders to consumers.

4. Employees including you don’t get paid.

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So if a business is out of capital, it simply means it already loses its balance or capability to stand on its own. If the owner blindly injects pocket money into operating the business without formally increasing the capital, the business will face many problems with the authorities (General Department of Taxation and other authorities). Just increase the capital for your business if it is running low. It is simple and easy.

Transfer Shares Service

Suppose you have found a new partner who wishes to join in your business venture, do not just take the contribution without officially informing the authority and complying with law as this will result in many complications later. ​LBC’s Transfer Share Service enables you to adjust the number of shares of each shareholder in your business venture the way you want.

Business Relocation Service

During the registration, you have provided certain information to the relevant authorities, that is, your business address. If you relocate your business, you are also required to officially inform those related authorities as well. Failing to do so will result in many complications for your business later. ​ Contact us (LBC) now for a free consultation and reliable services.


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Business Registration

All enterprises wishing to do business in Cambodia have to register with the Ministry of Commerce

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is very important for a business because it gives the business owner the right to prevent others from using a similar mark